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"I've hired other bird shows in the past but SQUAWK! the Show is the tops. Debbie and Mark have the experience and know how to keep the crowd at the edge of their seats. Constantly moving show with no pauses keeps the audience's attention at all times. I would hire Squawk! again and again and again."

"For those who have a chance to see their show, it certainly does not lack in excitement for the young and old alike. Quite possibly, their show is the Best Live Animal Show at Any Park, PERIOD."

"Squawk! was definitely one of our Club's favorite shows. Our members had a fantastic time watching these beautiful and amazingly talented birds. Mark & Debbie not only kept the kids entertained but the adults enjoyed their great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend them and we hope they can come back to Vegas soon."

SQUAWK! is a fun, interactive show suitable for almost any venue. Written for adults while still being family-friendly, it mixes amazing & unusual tricks with weird & interesting facts and then adds some humor & comedy for a quick-paced show that will thoroughly entertain your guests.

Depending on the venue, the performance can run anywhere from a few minutes to a complete hour.

  • Tahiti Village Resort, Las Vegas  ('14)
  • Wyndham Worldmark Resort Las Vegas ('13)
  • Best Western Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas ('12-13)
  • Hawaiian Marketplace, Las Vegas ('11)
  • Royal Resort, Las Vegas ('10, '12)
  • Gulf World Marine Park, Panama City, FL ('06-09)
  • Pet Comedy Theatre, Grand Country Music Hall, Branson ('06)
  • Iowa, Ohio & Florida State Fairs and misc county fairs & festivals ('05-21)
  • Gatorland, Kissimmee, Fl ('01)
  • Worlds of Fun, Kansas City ('97-'04)
  • Marineland of Florida, St. Augustine ('94-97)