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With lots of Audience Participation


  Squawk the Amazing Bird Show can provide up to 4 shows per day. Each show lasts approximately 30 minutes, is appropriate for families, and contains audience participation.

  Squawk is self contained and supplies its' own light and sound systems. The birds remain on display between shows, if space and weather permit.

Debbie and Mark Obarka have been performing over 20 years with their pet parrots, entertaining and amazing audiences across the US. After performing at resorts and theatres for the last few years, they are now looking forward to once again delighting fair and festivals goers with their beautiful and talented parrots.

"Funny, well-written and packed with unusual & amazing tricks"

"A crowd pleasing show - Great for all ages"

"That was the best bird show ever!"

"A show that every fair wants - they just don't know it yet."

Dependable / Professional / Experienced

Between shows they're a popular attraction, displaying their beautiful parrots

               while answering questions and interacting with your guests.

"I've hired other bird shows in the past but SQUAWK! the Show is the tops. Debbie and Mark have the experience and know how to keep the crowd at the edge of their seats. Constantly moving show with no pauses keeps the audience's attention at all times. I would hire Squawk! again and again and again."


  Squawk can be presented indoors on your stage or as a grounds act. An RV functions as living and backstage areas and anchors the backdrop of the outdoor set. The host needs to supply 30 amp service and water hook-up within 50 feet.

  Squawk shall be allowed to sell T-shirts, coloring books, photographs etc. and shall retain all profits on these sales. 


Rodney Camacho - Entertainment Director - Pahrump Fall Festival

Fairs, Festivals & Theme Parks


Some Past Fairs, Festivals & Theme Parks

Worlds of Fun Theme Park (7 years)

Marineland of Florida (3 years)

Gulf World Marine Park (3 years)

Iowa, Ohio & Florida State Fairs

Charlotte County (FL) Fair

Pasco County (Fl) Fair

Northeast Fl Fair

Clay County (IA) Fair

Pahrump (NV) Fall Festival

St. Augustine Hot 'n Spicy Festival

Sarasota Pumpkin Festival

Arcadia Fall Festival

Winter Wonderland, Palm Coast, Fl

Town of Marineland's 75th Anniversary Celebration