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      Squawk the Show - unlike any bird show you may have seen before.

These feathered professionals have more going for them than just their good looks. No boring lectures here, these birds will amaze you with their unusual talents such as painting, mind reading, performing card tricks, solving math problems and so much more. The show is quick-paced, written for adults and loved by all ages.

Florida Resorts, please visit for more info.

      "That was amazing. It was the most intelligent 

       animal I've ever seen in my whole life.

       He's incredible!"     Piers Morgan - America's Got Talent

Funny, engaging and professional, these beautiful & talented birds provide unique strolling entertainment along with great photo ops.

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If you're looking for entertainment that will make an impression on your guests, you've found it. Over 2 million  people have seen the parrots of Squawk at fairs, theme parks, resorts and theaters across the US. The performance is funny, quick-paced and features many unusual tricks that will amaze your guests.

Does your special event or venue want a show that will generate crowds and create interest? Squawk has versions suitable for schools, casinos, community groups and more.


America's Got Talent
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